About Us


The Tepper Sports Business Club, a student-run organization, serves Tepper School of Business MBA students who are pursuing a career in the sports and athletics industry.  Our mission is to assist all members regardless of their specific interests within the industry, such as data analytics for professional teams, league operations, athletic retail, sports marketing and finance, and innovative athletic technologies.  The Tepper Sports Business Club satisfies this mission by bringing its members closer to the industry through speaker series, guest lectures, case competitions, and proprietary research, all of which are invaluable for furthering students’ knowledge and understanding of the industry while also providing networking opportunities.  Furthermore, recognizing the great social value of sports, the club also serves as an outlet for fans by organizing trips to Pittsburgh area sporting events and providing venues for students to watch games together.

The purpose of The Tepper Sports Business Club “Fanalytics Blog” is to serve as a forum for everybody in the Tepper community to publish both original sports analytics research and secondary research which we’ve found interesting, while also sharing the other activities the club is engaging in (sporting events, fantasy leagues, etc.).

We encourage you to make comments, provide feedback, and share anything interesting you find; thanks and enjoy!


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